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    Organic waste and other residual materials from bio-industries and households are of increasing value in today’s economy. Substances that have long represented a cost to the economy are now becoming a valuable resource. Exploiting the full potential of these resources requires increased innovation, systemic change as well as better regulation and governance.

    The SusValueWaste-project addresses these issues by analysing value chains inside and across different sectors of the bioeconomy. We analyse a number of industrial cases from different parts of the bioeconomy and collaborate with highly relevant industry actors. The aim of the project is to help policymakers better govern and regulate the organic waste industry and the industry actors to identify and exploit new opportunities in the circular bioeconomy.

    nifu-logoThe project is managed and coordinated by NIFU in close cooperation with research partners in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.The project has a total budget of 40 mill NOK (4,5 mill EUR) and will run from 2015-2019



    SusValueWaste – Final Conference

    SusValueWaste had its end conference on the 13th of June with 50 experts from research, industry and policy. The project has resulted in a large number of research publications, reports, conference papers and policy briefs. Another output of the project is increased interdisciplinary collaboration which has led to the development of several spin-off projects among the...   Read More

    Adding value to side-streams: Lessons for the circular bioeconomy

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    SusValueWaste has published its third policy brief which addresses main challenges and opportunities for the valorisation of side-streams in the food and beverage industry. The brief is based on comparative case studies in Norway and in Denmark: on whey in the dairy industry, on animal by-products in the meat industry and on spent grain in the...   Read More

    “From Waste to Value” – Our Book is Out

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    The need to go from the oil economy to a bio-based economy is ever more acknowledged. In our book, From Waste to Value: Valorisation Pathways for Organic Waste Streams in Circular Bioeconomies, we share the research from the SusValueWaste project. The focus is on how streams of organic waste and residues can become valuable products, to...   Read More

    Sustainable Wood-Based Energy

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    Bioenergy from wood biomass can be important for taming dangerous climate change, but the rapidly evolving forest sector should ensure that wood-based bioenergy production entails both environmental and socio-economic solutions. Such production can stimulate both climate change mitigation, adaptation, and rural development. Julia Szulecka, SusValueWaste’s postdoc based at TIK (UiO), has recently published her work on...   Read More

    SusValueWaste partner TIK celebrates 20 years

    SusValeuWaste’s partner TIK Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture (UiO) will celebrate its 20th anniversary on March 20th, 2019. To commemorate the occasion, TIK’s Anniversary Conference “Interdisciplinarity in the Age of Uncertainty” will be held at Blindern (Mar. 20, 2019 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, Eilert Sunds hus, Aud. 1). Specific sessions with renowned researchers will...   Read More

    New National Centre for Environmental Documentation

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    NorEnviro is the newly opened national centre for gathering and sharing environmental and resource data concerning products, processes, materials, and energy and waste systems. A key task for NorEnviro is to set up a well-functioning infrastructure to ease the sharing and use of accumulated data from different institutions in Norway. This type of data is an important starting point for research and development, documentation and design of products in the circular...   Read More

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