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    Organic waste and other residual materials from bio-industries and households are of increasing value in today’s economy. Substances that have long represented a cost to the economy are now becoming a valuable resource. Exploiting the full potential of these resources requires increased innovation, systemic change as well as better regulation and governance.

    The SusValueWaste-project addresses these issues by analysing value chains inside and across different sectors of the bioeconomy. We analyse a number of industrial cases from different parts of the bioeconomy and collaborate with highly relevant industry actors. The aim of the project is to help policymakers better govern and regulate the organic waste industry and the industry actors to identify and exploit new opportunities in the circular bioeconomy.

    nifu-logoThe project is managed and coordinated by NIFU in close cooperation with research partners in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.The project has a total budget of 40 mill NOK (4,5 mill EUR) and will run from 2015-2019



    New National Centre for Environmental Documentation

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    NorEnviro is the newly opened national centre for gathering and sharing environmental and resource data concerning products, processes, materials, and energy and waste systems. A key task for NorEnviro is to set up a well-functioning infrastructure to ease the sharing and use of accumulated data from different institutions in Norway. This type of data is an important starting point for research and development, documentation and design of products in the circular...   Read More

    Innovation for Food Waste Prevention

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    Numerous initiatives show that the food waste challenge can be tackled in many ways. In this article at forskning.no, Eili Skrivervik, part of the SusValueWaste team at TIK, advocates for the emphasis on collective efforts to create innovations, instead of keeping the focus on the food waste failures. Read the whole article (in Norwegian): Innovasjon kan...   Read More

    Opportunities in the Brewery Industry

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    Spent grain is an organic left-over from beer production. Historically this side-stream has been given away for free to farmers as livestock feed. However, with the decline of the number of nearby located farms and challenges due to quick spoilage, currently the spent grain is often considered inconvenient waste instead of being a valuable resource. Large...   Read More

    Possibilities in the Forest Industry

    Wood is a versatile resource. Trees can become building materials, chemicals, energy, feed and nutrients. The saying is “Anything that can be made from oil can be made of trees“, but tree fibres can actually be used in even more ways than oil. With 37 per cent of the land covered with forest, Norway possesses renewable...   Read More

    The Possibilities of Black Liquor

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    When making paper and pulp via the so called kraft process, residuals from the wood end up in a by-product called black liquor. Today the black liquor is usually burned for energy and heat at the paper mills, but what if part of it could be used to make transportation fuels instead?  New report Johanna Olofsson...   Read More

    Learning Best Practices in Waste Management and Cleaner Production

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    A quarter of the world market for waste management technology comes from Germany. One of the factors that make the country unique is the cooperation between the various actors, supported by the political and governance setting. SusValueWaste’s postdoctoral fellow, Julia Szulecka, based at TIK, UiO, just attended the 73rd International Short Course on Resource Efficiency –...   Read More

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    • Conference – Enabling Sustainable Bioeconomy Transition

      March 27, 2019
      March 28, 2019
      08:30 - 14:00

      SusValeuWaste’s partner TIK (UiO) is co-organising the conference People and Networks Matter – Enabling Sustainable Bioeconomy Transition at Karlstad University (Sweden) in late March 2019. The SusValueWaste team from TIK will be actively participating at the conference. Professor Olav Wicken will be holding a key note speech about Regions, natural resources and social development and our...   Read More

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