Collaboration with the BioSmart-research Project

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SusValueWaste and BioSmart are both research projects part of the BIONAER-programme.The projects share the bioeconomy focus, but differ in several aspects. At the same time there are some areas that the two projects have in common.

In September 2016, SusValueWaste visited BioSmart for a joint workshop in Trondheim. This was an opportunity for the two research teams to get a better understanding of each other’s projects and get to know each other’s teams. Since the projects share the same time frame, both started in 2015 and finishing in 2019, it became clear that currently, methodology was a topic of special interest. During the workshop the population of companies related to the bioeconomy, and planning and execution of foresight studies were discussed. Preliminary findings from the different case studies were also shared.

The BioSmart-team sees a big potential in collaborating with SusValueWaste. Together we can strengthen the knowledge about the bioeconomy, such as identifing the central actors in this economy and what can be expected from them in order to succeed in a green shift in the Norwegian economy.” says Hilde Bjørkhaug which is part the project management of BioSmart.

A follow up meeting between the projects coincided with the NoRest conference in Copenhagen 25th-26th of October, 2016.

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