New Technology Enables Better Use of Rest-material from Poultry

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Norilia, one of the industry partners in SusValueWaste is building a new factory for better utilization of their rest-material, in collaboration with Felleskjøpet Agri. Newly developed hydrolysis technology will enable better use of rest-raw material from chicken and turkey into high value nutrients. The nutrients can be used for both food and feed.

The construction of the factory, named Bioco AS will begin the summer of 2017, and will be located next to Nortura’s slaughterhouse at Hærland. It is a contribution for building a sustainable national bioeconomy, based on local raw-material. –This is an exciting collaborative project encompassing both the agricultural-sector and the meat-industry. It is directly linked to the green shift. The result will be increased share of Norwegian raw material in various products for both human and animal consumption, says John Arne Ulvan, CEO of Felleskjøpet Agri.

The process of hydrolysis is complicated. In essence, it is about pulverizing rest-material from the slaughter house and extract proteins and amino acids by using water and enzymes. The proteins can be used to improve the quality in various food and feed.

More info about the planned factory and the collaborating partners (in Norwegian)

Featured photo: Nortura’s Factory at Hærland / Øivind Haug

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