How to Prevent Consumers from Wasting Food?

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Everyday, consumers are responsible for wasting fully edible food. COSUS is a reseach project with the aim of reducing consumers’ food waste. The project focuses on strategies that can encourage consumers to accept suboptimal foods before and after purchase. These suboptimal foods can for example have an expired best-before date or undesired shape or colour, but are still perfectly fine to eat.

During the last three years, the COSUS researchers have conducted surveys and arranged focus groups in several European countries to reveal interesting insights about consumer choices, actions and attitudes. The project has involved 7 institutes from 5 countries: Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. On the 16th of June, COSUS organized its final seminar at NOFIMA, Ås.

The project’s reports will be made available at COSUS’ homepage.


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