Transition to a Sustainable Bioeconomy

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In collaboration with colleagues from academia, business and policy, SusValueWaste organised a dialogue session at the International Sustainability Transitions Conference in June 2017. The topic for dialogue was “Transition to a Sustainable Bioeconomy”. 

The panel participants in the SusValueWaste-session drew attention to the heterogeneity of the bioeconomy. Encompassed in this economy is various interests and sectors which need to collaborate. Coordination and leadership is therefore important in the transition to a sustainable bioeconomy. This economy unfolds different geographical levels that should also be considered.

In general, the IST-conference showed increased interest of the Bioeconomy-field through several academic contributions such as paper presentation and posters. Consequently, SusValueWaste will follow up this conference’s dialogue session at the next IST-conference planned in Manchester in June 2018.

A more comprehensive wrap-up and presentations of the panel participants from the dialogue session is made available for your convenience.


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