Foresighting the Bioeconomy

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A variety of actors representing the different sectors in the bioeconomy in Norway has spoken. Through a foresight process, SusValueWastae asked what the different sectors and groups of actors have in common when considering the future and the circular bioeconomy. Five visions of the future bioeconomy crystalized:

  1. No waste, only resources
  2. Network and power couples
  3. Local, cascading value circles
  4. Fossil-free future
  5. Research based on industry needs.

SusValueWaste has now published a report that describes the foresight process which was facilitated by OREEC in collaboration with researchers at NIFU. This foresight focused on cross-sectoral networking, sharing of visions and knowledge and building a joint understanding of the circular bioeconomy. We experienced that a foresight process does not only result in the identification of future visions. The foresight process, consisting of a survey and two workshops, has been a cross-sectoral networking opportunity:

  • Relations across silos are built and strengthened as bioeconomy stakeholders have worked together to debate and define future opportunities;
  • Knowledge about the circular bioeconomy has increased among bioeconomy stakeholders and they have been inspired to see value chain opportunities across sectors
  • Enthusiasm and interest for the circular bioeconomy was established and bioeconomy stakeholders have actively contributed in developing the concept of the circular bioeconomy.

See the full report: A Foresight Process on the Circular Bioeconomy in Norway

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