Private or Public Waste Management?

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How is waste best handled? Although the debate often revolves around whether public or private waste management is the best option, a SusValueWaste study reveals that both public, private and hybrid ways to organize is probably most preferable. The different actors play complementing roles that collectively lead to innovative and sustainable waste handeling. The public actors are often facilitators for technological and infrastructural development, while private...   Read More

Foresighting the Bioeconomy

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A variety of actors representing the different sectors in the bioeconomy in Norway has spoken. Through a foresight process, SusValueWastae asked what the different sectors and groups of actors have in common when considering the future and the circular bioeconomy. Five visions of the future bioeconomy crystalized: No waste, only resources Network and power couples Local,...   Read More

SusValueWaste’s Annual Meeting 2017

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SusValueWaste’s annual meeting for 2017 took place in Fredrikstad on August 29.-30, the home city of the project partner Østfoldforskning. Over the two days, where about 25 researchers from the project team and reference group participated, we discussed papers in progress, reports, new paper ideas and upcoming dissemination activities. We were also given a guided tour...   Read More

One of the World’s most Advanced Biorefineries

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Borregaard runs one of the world’s most advanced biorefineries with the focus of full utilization of renewable raw material to high value chemicals. The goal of the company is to provide sustainable solutions based on green carbon resources and specialised competence.  During SusValueWaste’s annual meeting in August 2017, the project team was given a guided tour at the Borregaard plant which stretches over an area of several square...   Read More

NIFU joins Avfallsforsk

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NIFU has joined Avfallsforsk, a network of members promoting research and development in the waste sector. Members are private and public actors as well as relevant research institutes. The network was initated in 2009 and is supported by The Research Council of Norway though the BIA-programme which funds industry-oriented research. Avfallsforsk also puts effort in communicating national and international...   Read More

Transition to a Sustainable Bioeconomy

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In collaboration with colleagues from academia, business and policy, SusValueWaste organised a dialogue session at the International Sustainability Transitions Conference in June 2017. The topic for dialogue was “Transition to a Sustainable Bioeconomy”.  The panel participants in the SusValueWaste-session drew attention to the heterogeneity of the bioeconomy. Encompassed in this economy is various interests and sectors...   Read More

How to Prevent Consumers from Wasting Food?

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Everyday, consumers are responsible for wasting fully edible food. COSUS is a reseach project with the aim of reducing consumers’ food waste. The project focuses on strategies that can encourage consumers to accept suboptimal foods before and after purchase. These suboptimal foods can for example have an expired best-before date or undesired shape or colour, but are still...   Read More

Animation film: The Bioeconomy in Norway

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The bioeconomy is predicted to be a driving force in the future Norwegian economy. Norwegian University of Life Sciences has made this animation film that gives a good introduction to the possibilities for building a strong bioeconomy in Norway. The country has an abundance of kelp, seaweed and timber and other nutritious bio-resources, that can be...   Read More

Knowledge Contribution: SusValueWaste Policy Brief No.1

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An important part of SusValueWaste is to study the process of policy formulation and implementation for developing a sustainable bioeconomy. The project has already published scientific articles on policy related topics, organised various events where policy has been in focus, and we have now gathered some of the key findings in a SusValueWaste Policy Brief From fossil fuels to a bio-based economy: Identifying the rationales for...   Read More

New Book: Food Waste Reduction and Valorisation

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Valentina E. Tartiu, Post Doc in SusValueWaste, has co-edited the recently published book “Food waste reduction and valorisation: Sustainability assessment and policy analysis” (Springer). The book presents an analysis framework for the food waste problem, which includes economic, environmental, social, political and regulatory dimensions. Also included in the book are, mapping methods for measuring food consumption...   Read More

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