Upcoming Events

SusValueWaste Kickoff seminar

We discussed the different work packages and issues related to project management, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinarycollaboration, and communication and dissemination.

Joint workshop for Work packages 4 and 2

Our partners at Østfold Research in Fredrikstad organised a joint workshop with our colleagues at DTU and NIFU, working with the industry case studies. At the seminar we discussed research on food waste developed at Østfold Research and global value chain analysis.

Kickoff workshop for Work package 2

We had our kickoff meeting for work package 2 at NIFU in Oslo. Here we discussed the characteristics of the economic sectors important for our our case studies.    

Annual Seminar 2015

SusValueWaste had the first annual seminar at the end of September (29-30.09.) 2015 in NIFU’s new offices in Oslo/Tøyen. We discussed first drafts of our State-of-the-art studies, got feedback from our industry partners and the reference group and exchanged experiences with the CYCLE project.

OREEC organiserer seminar "Avfallsbransjens roller i den sirkulære økonomien"

OREEC ønsker å bidra til økt innovasjon og mer samhandling i avfallsbransjen, både regionalt og nasjonalt, og setter også fokus på internasjonale samarbeid og prosjektmuligheter. Hovedformålet med arrangementet er å tilby en faglig interessant arena for å bygge nettverk med nye og gamle kollegaer, og gi inspirasjon til videre muligheter for samarbeid mellom ulike typer aktører....   Read More

What is Food2Waste2Food?

On the 19th of November 2015 we will have a seminar with Pål Smits from Lindum AS at NIFU. Pål Smits will present the project Food2Waste2Food and we will discuss possibilities for cooperation with SusValueWaste. The seminar will start at 14:00 and will end at 16:30. You are welcome to join the seminar. Please send a...   Read More

Global Bioeconomy Summit 2015 in Berlin

SusValueWaste will participate at the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2015 in Berlin, Germany. For more information see the homepage of the summit: http://gbs2015.com/home/.

Round table workshop with the SusValueWaste case firms at NIFU

The purpose of the workshop is to get an understanding of the present conditions for value creation based on organic rest products and organic waste. At this workshop we would like to hear about the firms expectations and visions for their respective firms and what they expect from the SusValueWaste project. The workshop will be organised...   Read More

SusValueWaste seminar with Rick Bosman at NIFU

Rick Bosman from the Dutch Research Institute for Transitions, DRIFT at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, will give have a seminar under the title “Transition governance towards the bioeconomy: A comparison of Finland and the Netherlands”. Rick Bosman co-authored together with Jan Rotmans a report on this topic. This report benchmarks the transition efforts in Finland and...   Read More

SusValueWaste seminar with Lea Fünfschilling at NIFU

Lea Fünfschilling is a PostDoctoral fellow at CIRCLE, Lund University and a lecturer at the Department of Sociology, University of Lucerne. She holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Basel. Her dissertation is entitled „A dynamic model of socio-technical change. Institutions, actors and technology in interaction” and was published in 2014. Her current research...   Read More

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