Inter- and transdisciplinarity

The Research Council of Norway has workshopasked projects participating in the BioNær research programme to include a special focus on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaboration. While interdisciplinary refers to contact between project participants (researchers) with different disciplinary backgrounds, transdisciplinary refers to contact between researchers and non-researchers.

The SusValueWaste project has developed “guiding principles” for information sharing and involvement. The principles provides a shared platform for the project work and a set of tasks designed to further interdisciplinary collaboration will be developed based on this platform.


The SusValueWaste guiding principles for interdisciplinary collaboration:

  1. We will prioritise time for meetings and workshops in the SusValueWaste project.
  2. We will willingly share information with our colleagues in the project and contribute to the web page.
  3. We will take advantage of opportunities, such as lunch meetings and “Bionærmatprat” to share informal information on relevant themes.
  4. We will be open to the questions and viewpoints of other participants.
  5. We will attempt to communicate our plans, methods and findings to other researchers in the project.
  6. We will communicate our aims and our findings with non-researchers.
  7. If communication with other groups inside or outside the project is challenging or time-consuming, we will call upon our interdisciplinary facilitator to help with this process.

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