NoRest Conference in Copenhagen, October 2016:

  • Transition towards sustainable waste valorization from agricultural production systems: Insights from salmon aquaculture and aquaponics – Jay Gregg, Dorothy Sutherland Olsen, and Valentina Elena Tartiu
  • Emerging Landscape of Bioeconomy in Norway: A Dynamic Actor Network Analysis on the Forestry Sector – Valentina Elena Tartiu, Arne M. Fevolden, Fulvio Castellacci and Nhat Strøm-Andersen
  • Policy interventions for sustainability transitions: Establishment of standards, certifications and labels for bio-based products – Linn Meidell Dybdahl
  • Postsmolt and extended land phase in Norwegian salmon farming – Hilde Ness Sandvold and Ragnar Tveterås
  • The market-square in the circular bio-economy: empirical strategies – Eric James Iversen

10th International conference on Life Cycle Assessment of Food 19.-21. October, 2016

  • Handling of organic by-products and residues in LCA methods: a case of five food industry sectors – Johanna Olofsson,  Pål Börjesson, Elinor Hallström, Kari-Anne Lyng; Andreas Brekke and Ole Jørgen Hanssen
  • More value with less harm: Scrutinizing sustainable pathways for surplus resource handling in food manufacturing empirically – Andreas Brekke, Kari-Anne Lyng, Ole Jørgen Hanssen, Johanna Olofsson and Pål Börjesson

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