Here are the presentations of SusValueWaste researchers from conferences and seminars.


DTU Sustain Conference, 30. November 2018


Social Simulation Conference 25.-29. September, 2017

  • Innovation policy driven by actors with heterogeneous perceptions: An agent-based model based on the forestry sector – Valentina Elena Tartiu and Marco Capasso

IST Conference in Gothenburg 18.-21. June, 2017

  • Dialogue Session: The transition to a sustainable bioeconomy – Antje Klitkou, David  Lazarevic, Geir Oddsson, Marianne Rist-Larsen Reime, Henrik Lystad, Kean Birch
  • Sustainable Transitions on the Move – Guiding Visions for a Circular Bioeconomy in ScandinaviaRannveig Røste et al.
  • The role of natural resources in path renewal – The case of the bioeconomy – · Teis Hansen et al.

EU SPRI in Vienna 7.-9.June 2017


The NoRest-conference in Copenhagen 25.-26 October, 2017

EU-SPRI  7.-10.June, 2016

  • Value chain structures that define second generation bio-refineries in Europe – Jay Gregg et al.
  • Governance in transition: directionality and heterogeneity towards a bioeconomy – Lisa Scordato et al.

EU SPRU 50, 7.-9. June, 2017

  • Action space in transition to sustainable urban waste management – Antje Klitkou et al.

Third Geography of Innovation Conference 29.-30. January 2017

  • Where and how do socio-technical regimes destabilize? Shifting pathways in the Swedish paper and pulp industry – Teis Hansen

International Transdisciplinary Conference 8.-10. October

  • Building the interdisciplinary bio economy: using action research to facilitate inter- and transdisciplinary knowledge creation – Dorothy Olsen Sutherland

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